The Neighborhood

We are a collective of builders, researchers, founders, artists and more living within a single square mile in the heart of San Francisco.

Many of us have lived in past community houses that changed our lives. We saw how community living leads to deeper relationships and transformative growth.

But we also learned that a single community house is not for everyone.

So we’re growing into the Neighborhood: a federation of diverse houses with shared purpose, spaces, and resources.

Our goal is to create an multigenerational campus full of radical agency, inspiring people, and unplanned encounters with friends.

News: we've secured a philanthropic grant that will enable us to build a minimum viable campus in 2023! Our goal is to build a small number of coliving houses, each diverse and themed around an important world problem, plus one shared coworking space, all within walking distance of each other. Thank you for your interest, but we'll be refusing all media requests this year.

If you're looking for a coliving house in San Francisco, you won't find a better resource than the Haight St. Commons Housing Roundup.